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OrthoMouse Orthopaedic Ergonomic and Size Adjustable


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The Orthopaedic Computer Mouse
The new paradigm in Shape, Design and Use for mice.
A precision tool which adapts to your hand.
Feel the difference!
The OrthoMouse is the logical way to reduce discomfort and complaints related to the use of common mice (Repetitive Strain Injuries - RSI).

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OrthoMouse Orthopaedic Ergonomic and Size Adjustable - KBC-OM01

  • It's form imitates the hand shape and proportions of the hand that uses it the hand and fingers copy the attitude of writing (the same natural configuraon).
  • Great sensibility and maximum control generated by the total support of the hand's palm.
  • It requires that your hand, forearm and fingers remain fully in muscular equilibrium - "passive adaptation" allowing prolonged tasks wfthout effort.
  • It preserves the human hands main characteristic the thumb is opposed to the other fingers.
  • Each click requires only instant flexion and relaxation movements.
  • The use of switches with lower mechanical resistance allows longer tasks with minimum effort.
  • lnvoluntary clicks have been eliminated; the fingers rest on the buttons.
  • It does not have abrupt edges and/or relieves on the support surface.
  • Precision tasks ease, due to the optic sensor differentiated location.
  • Anti-sweat and anti-sliding textured coating.
  • Ultra-flexible cord: less resistance to displacement.
  • Scroll buttons (up-down) with direct actioning.
  • All the buttons are in functional position (avoiding awkward positions).
  • It has different "upper adapters" sizes (allowing fingers of different lengths).
The ORTHOMOUSE offers 6 different configurations in a do-it-yourself method of assembly, so you can select the combination that provides the best fit for your right hand!
  • 3 prolongers, allowing adaptation to different hand sizes.
  • 2 upper adapters: suitable for the adaptation of the thumb and forefinger You choose the one that best fits your right hand
To get the maximum benefit form the OrthoMouse we recommend you read the Manual.

OrthoMouse Orthopaedic Ergonomic and Size Adjustable - KBC-OM01

Part Number
Cable length
1.8 Metre
Number of keys/buttons
140 mm
88 mm
70 mm
120 g
PC and MAC (Mac's may experience limited functionality)
Gross Weight
330 g

OrthoMouse Orthopaedic Ergonomic and Size Adjustable - KBC-OM01

  Carter  03/11/2018
I have had my mouse for six years now and it still works perfectly while supporting my hand at the correct angle. I have added an armrest to my computer desk, which also helps.

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