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UK New Model M Keyboard Black Gray


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The New Model M buckling spring keyboard has the same mechanism, feel and similar layout as the original IBM Model M keyboard, but with a slightly smaller footprint.
With the much-loved buckling spring key design these keyboards have been prized by computer enthusiasts and robust typists because of the tactile and auditory feedback of each keystroke.

£125.00 (£104.17 ex VAT) 

UK New Model M Keyboard Black Gray - UB43U5A

Manufactured in Lexington, Kentucky, this buckling spring keyboard is a heavy, audible click keyboard with a solid feel reminiscent of the classic IBM Model M keyboard.

Buckling Springs
Buckling springs originated in IBM's mechanical keyboard as a fundamentally different kind of switch mechanism. Featuring a coil spring that sits between the keycap and a pivoting hammer that collapses when pressed, the spring provides a loud click and tactile feedback.

Model M-Inspired Keycaps
The gray buckling spring keycaps are made of PBT polymer. The dye-sublimated legends compliment the authentic feel and classic design.

UK New Model M Keyboard Black Gray - UB43U5A

Part Number
Cable length
1.8 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
455 mm
180 mm
50 mm
1.7 kg
Gross Weight
2.8 kg

UK New Model M Keyboard Black Gray - UB43U5A

  The Keyboard Noob  06/01/2021
Well first of all I have to say excellent service from Keyboard Co, my order was posted next day and arrived in perfect condition, on time, Good job!

I've never used a buckling spring keyboard in my life and the original IMB models are fairly expensive so i can't say how it compares to those, however upon inspecting countless videos on the IBM Model M and other Unicomp models i can say that this one is certainly the best out of the range and seems to be nearly on par with the IBM Model.

It has excellent feedback from the springsSwitches and is leaps and bounds better than any mechanical switch I've used, the mechanical keyboard i use is a Ducky TKL with Cherry MX Blue switches and comparing the two together i would say that the Blues aren't even tactile, they feel like a red switch compared to the buckling springs which exhibit a smooth starting actuation with a slight stiffness and satisfying click at the end which is very noticeable unlike Cherry Blues in my opinion.

The build quality is fantastic, i noticed other reviews on YouTube showing the Ultra Classic Model from Unicomp which had a very flexible creaky frame and wobbly key caps, This one has none of that. The frame is very rigid and i can't even flex it at all due to the thick back-plate which also weights quite a lot, the plastic seems to be slightly thicker but not by much I'd say.

The PBT key caps are very nice and have a smoothness on the sides like ABS plastic with the tops feeling like smooth ceramic. They do move around very slightly, only when the whole key is grabbed and rotated to the left, no other directions seem to move the key at all.

The only parts that let the board down really are the feetheight adjustment. They don't keep the keyboard from moving at all, the slightest movement will push the keyboard around, though due to the weight if using a float-typing method it isn't a problem at all.

The height adjustment is essentially one piece of plastic which almost feels like it doesn't fit correctly in its slot, it flops around easily and doesn't snap into place like most modern keyboard, once the keyboard is placed down they do sit fairly well and don't collapse.

All in all this is the perfect keyboard and touch typing for me is night and day compared to other Mechanical Switch keyboards, i can't say about long term durability, mostly the electronics but as for the rest I'd say it's as tough a keyboard as you'd ever want.

Go buy it! :)

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