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UK Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard Space Gray



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Beautiful aluminium design in Space Gray.
Taking design cues from Apple's iconic aluminium keyboards, the Matias Wireless Aluminium Keyboard fills a few gaps that Apple chose not to pursue...

Owners of the ultralight, ultrathin, Apple MacBook can now have a BT wireless keyboard that matches its look and colour, and feels great to type on.

£99.98 £74.99 (£62.49 ex VAT) 

UK Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard Space Gray - FK418BTB-UK

Wireless with a number pad.
If you like Apple’s wired keyboard with numeric keypad but wish it were wireless, this is the one to get. It's just as nice.

Mac-friendly function keys.
Just like an Apple keyboard, the function keys let you control screen brightness, volume, iTunes, and more.

There's even an Fn key, that lets you momentarily change the function keys back to their traditional duties, when you need them.

Pairs up to 4 BT wireless devices - Mac, iPad, iPhone, Windows, or Android.
It may look like a Mac keyboard (and it is) but the Matias Wireless Aluminium Keyboard can do a few extra tricks...

You can pair up to 4 BT wireless devices, easily switching between them with the press of a button, and the keyboard adjusts its layout to match each device (as you switch) - whether it's Mac, iPad, Windows, Android, etc.

1-year battery life.
No expense was spared to make this the best BT wireless keyboard possible. That includes putting a much bigger rechargeable battery in it than we had to - 1,600 mAh.

That's 5x to 12x bigger than what's inside most other wireless keyboards; big enough to last a year, on a single charge.

Stays on. Stays connected.
Other wireless keyboards will often power down and disconnect to conserve battery life - leaving you waiting, each time they reconnect.

With its BIG battery, the Matias Wireless Aluminium Keyboard doesn’t need to do that. It stays on, and stays connected.

These simple luxuries - not having to worry about batteries, no waiting to reconnect - make it feel more like a wired keyboard.

UK Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard Space Gray - FK418BTB-UK

Part Number
BT wireless
Cable length
1 Metre Charging
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
441 mm
116 mm
19 mm
540 g
Gross Weight
770 g

UK Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard Space Gray - FK418BTB-UK

  Anonymous  30/10/2021
Really pleased with keyboard which I am using with a MacBook Pro (intel). I have now implemented the MacSparky system of email automation. {EDIT: Link removed} for the Keyboard Maestro App which includes at the end a September 2021 - Apple Mail Automation webinar explaining this using a keyboard with a number pad. Brilliant wish I had done this years ago I can clear my email Inbox really fast moving emails to the correct folder fast and importantly accurately.
The good thing is I will also be able to use this keyboard with my iPad and Microsoft Surface 4.
The Keyboard Co provided a fast and efficient delivery most impressed.
  Paul B  29/06/2018
This is a like-for-like replacement, its Matias predecessor not liking the cup of coffee I 'made' it drink! Was genuinely so pleased with the older Matias and this hasn't disappointed. It's each to their own but I find this keyboard ergonomically kinder than its Apple equivalent with excellent response to fast or slow, punchy or gentle finger actions. For me this is a 10/10 keyboard FK418BTB-UK.
  Anonymous  15/08/2017
great product...great shop!
  Michael Kennedy  30/05/2017
Very good.
  Anonymous  13/04/2017
Brilliant product. I was so pleased that I bought two.

It has its own character and not an Apple clone. As an everything apple lover; I love this product and use it for Microsoft machines - which I need to in an Microsoft dominated business world
  PC  16/01/2017
I bought the keyboard to communicate with iPAD, iMAC and a MacPro. Works brilliantly!
  Malcolm  15/03/2021
Best Mac keyboard I've ever owned. This replaces one I bought in 2017. Which still works fine, I just wanted to retire it to be a back up and have a new keyboard so I could guarantee another four uninterrupted years of use. The ability to use it with up to four devices trumps the Apple keyboard.
  Paul C  08/11/2018
Very sleek design, matched my MBP very well. Sturdy and responsive, and large enough so my fat fingers don't mis-type. They typing experience is very positive, though feels different to the keys on the laptop, but that's not an issue for me.

This is my first Matias keyboard, and the quality is very high. Service from the Keyboard Company was excellent and the packaging first class.
  rogershuff  31/08/2017
Looks good. Links to my Mac nicely but ... the key action is nowhere near as good as an Apple keyboard. Rather noisy and squeaky and it is not as pleasant to use as an Apple keyboard. At this price, it should be better.
  Anonymous  12/07/2017
Super fast delivery - friendly support - answering questions immediately - what else could I need!
  Anonymous  27/03/2017
Great wireless keyboard for the Mac and switching to different devices is very easy and quick. Compared with the Apple keywords (wiredwireless) I find the keys ever-so slightly spongier than I would prefer hence the 4 stars (and not 5).
  Anonymous  23/01/2017
Excellent service from this company. A very good keyboard too - finally a decent wireless option that's better and more practical than apple's own!


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