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UK Matias Wireless Aluminum Backlit Keyboard Mac Space Gray


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Aluminum + BT wireless + Backlit = Awesome

We took Apple's iconic aluminum keyboard as a starting point, and built from there...

Full-size in beautiful aluminum.
Apple fans now have a full-size BT wireless keyboard that's backlit, matches the look of their system, and feels great to type on.

£129.98 £97.49 (£81.24 ex VAT) 

UK Matias Wireless Aluminum Backlit Keyboard Mac Space Gray - FK418BTLB-UK

Wireless with a number pad.
If you like Apple's wired keyboard with numeric keypad but wish it were wireless, this is the one to get (especially if you need/want backlighting).

Rechargeable 1-year battery life - for BT wireless.
No expense was spared to make this the best BT wireless keyboard possible. That includes putting a much bigger rechargeable battery in it than we had to — 1,600 mAh.

That's 5x to 12x bigger than what's inside most other wireless keyboards; big enough to last a year, on a single charge.

Backlighting done right - 2nd dedicated battery.
Most backlit keyboards stop working if you use the backlight too much, running the battery dry quickly - VERY inconvenient.

For this reason, we have a 2nd separate rechargeable battery just for the backlight.

So, you can use the backlight as much as you like. If the backlight runs dry, the keyboard will still continue working off its own separate battery - for up to a year.

The backlight battery should last 1 to 2 weeks between charges, in normal use.

Pairs up to 4 BT wireless devices - Mac, iPad, iPhone, Windows, or Android.
It may look like a Mac keyboard (and it is) but the Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard can do a few extra tricks...

You can pair up to 4 BT wireless devices, easily switching between them with the press of a button, and the keyboard adjusts its layout to match each device (as you switch) - whether it's Mac, iPad, Windows, Android, etc.

Mac-friendly function keys.
Just like an Apple keyboard, the function keys let you control screen brightness, volume, iTunes, and more.

There's even an Fn key, that lets you momentarily change the function keys back to their traditional duties, when you need them.

Stays on. Stays connected.
Other wireless keyboards will often power down and disconnect to conserve battery life - leaving you waiting, each time they reconnect.

With its BIG battery, the Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard doesn’t need to do that. It stays on, and stays connected.

These simple luxuries - not having to worry about batteries, no waiting to reconnect - make it feel more like a wired keyboard.

UK Matias Wireless Aluminum Backlit Keyboard Mac Space Gray - FK418BTLB-UK

Part Number
BT wireless
Cable length
1 Metre Charging
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
441 mm
116 mm
19 mm
650 g
Gross Weight
860 g

UK Matias Wireless Aluminum Backlit Keyboard Mac Space Gray - FK418BTLB-UK

  Malx Keyboard  27/12/2023
I can recommend the UK Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard for Mac over the Apple equivalent. I've been using this keyboard since 2017 when I bought it to replace a Logitech DiNovo for Mac. It's still working perfectly well after six years. The four bluetooth connection keys I do use and are useful for the other devices I need a keyboard for like my phone. I like their indicator lights too. I've bought and used the Apple Magic Keyboard but I was disappointed with connection issues and sold it on eBay and went back to the Matias.
  Anonymous  02/08/2019
I'm very happy with my new Keyboard and very happy with the Keyboard Co. I called for advice, was happy with the information I received, ordered by keyboard and was using it within a few days. Thank you Keyboard Co.
  JimL  05/08/2018
After waiting 7 months for the new keyboard to arrive in UK - the Keyboard Co provided an excellent service in notifying its forecast arrival date, actual arrival and super quick ordering with tracked delivery service - well done to the Keyboard Co.

Now an outline review of the keyboard:-
Used on my Mac 27 replacing the existing full Apple wired keyboard. Being a part time home user, I found the build standard (nice and solid), feel and function of the keyboard (very similar to Apples) to be of little difference to Apples. Satisfied the first requirement - 😀.

The blue-tooth keys (1-4). Allocation, pairing and using on various devices provides a major convenience - no more changing device configurations. Easy to pair devices, with no tied wiring. Satisfied the second requirement - 😀.

Back-lighting - one of the main reasons for the purchase. Control of lighting is easy. However, the level and amount of light leakage is a definite disappointment, @ 70% - very annoying leakage, @ 30% - just annoying leakage. (Early reviews of this keyboard, mid 2017, also mentioned the high degree of back-light leakage. Something I thought wouldnt matter much to me and that I thought I could live with!! Disappointed in Matias; should have made improvements on these later build standard releases - lowered the keys? increase key depth? increase the aluminium thickness surrounding the keys? If you are thinking of a Matias purchase and back-lighting is not on your wish list, then go for the non back-lit one, which also happens to be £30 cheaper. Satisfied the third requirement - 😠.

Battery life - we shall see, but if it is anywhere near the forecast-ed 1 year, then I will be very happy. Satisfied the fourth requirement -❓.

Reliability - again we shall see. Satisfied the fifth requirement -❓.

Even given the back-light shortcoming, I do like this keyboard. It is not cheap; but for me the definite feel of a key press, as opposed to the rubbery touch type feel of the Apple keyboard keys but with similar build qualities to Apple make it a good buy.
  Anonymous  18/08/2017
A very elegant and tactile. The backlight function is innovative in that it only function on key touch and then sleeps, highly recommended.
  Oli  11/04/2020
I'm very happy with the keyboard.
I'm used to using a Filco Ninja Majestouch 2 keyboard (from keyboardco, link below) but I'm having to use a Macbook Pro right now and the Apple keyboard I was given was absolutely terrible so it had to be replaced. I could't find any Mac Mechanical keyboards of a decent quality so I ended up purchasing the Matias keyboard and I have been very impressed. It took a little getting used to a non mechanical keyboard as I am used to the cherry switch feedback but after a few hours I was fine on it and the main thing is that it is keeps better than the thing Apple call a keyboard! I love the fact that I can link one of the channels to my phone also and flick between the two effortlessly. Like the other comments I haven't used the backlight as this was just a added feature and not one I was actually shopping for, I'm sure it will come in handy one day!

If there was an option for 4.5 it would have got it but it doesn't feel perfect so 4 it will have to be! I would recommend it though, I doubt you will find better else where
  Chris  08/12/2017
Very very happy with this keyboard. I don't in fact use the backlighting, and have turned it down. It is solid great looking, and matches my space grey MBP 2017. It is a real joy to use, and a relief not to be using the built-in keyboard, (the touchbar picks up a lot of stray finger movement, and all hell breaks loose when a function key is triggered without my realising).

I have read some people say the non-backlit version can be a bit bendy. This one is certainly not. It feels solid, so I don't know if that is becuse of the backlighting battery, even if I don't use them. On my desk I use an external monitor, and mount the MBP on a Roost stand, which I love becuse it is so easy and light to travel with. For travel I also have an Apple magic keyboard, as this one is a bit big.
  Ben  01/09/2017
To start it's important to note that there can be some lag when using a bog standard Aluminium MacPro - this is because the Apple Internal Bluetooth Antenna is pretty poor and suffers from interference from the case and other components. So you would be advised to get either a USB Bluetooth Dongle or PCIe Card or do an Antenna modification to make the signal stronger and more consistent. I experienced no lag on other devices like Laptops or Playstation or iPhones.

I decided to use a £11 USB Bluetooth Dongle from GMYLE which is just plug and play on the Mac OS from Mavericks onwards. https:www.gmyle.comdevicegadgetsusb-bluetooth-donglesubbthadpv4

Testing the keyboard with the USB Bluetooth Dongle it works really well and feels as fast as a wired connection.

The four separate Bluetooth connections keys are so easy to swap control for Mac, Phone, Smart TV, Games Console or indeed anything that you can connect 4 devices via Bluetooth without having to re-pair devices.

The feel of the keys is almost identical to the low profile keyboards from Apple. The backlight is especially useful in dark rooms or at night.

There are no USB ports on the device so if you currently use a keyboard as a USB Hub then youll need to think about that and perhaps get a separate USB hub for the devices you had attached.

According to the specs the battery is supposed to last for about a year on a 9 hour charge so will see how long it lasts in reality.

An interesting function is that if you have the backlight turned on and stop typing for a moment or two it will automatically turn off to reduce battery usage when you arent typing. Not sure yet if this will be annoying as Id want the backlight on to actually see the keys in the dark!

Overall it feel like it's going to be well worth the money if it performs as well as they claim for as long as they claim.

If you want a new keyboard for your Mac and want to go wireless and want a backlight there aren't really any Mac specific options apart from this but at least it's a good product.

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