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UK Filco Majestouch-2, Tenkeyless, MX Brown Tactile, Keyboard


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The Ten-Keyless version of the Majestouch-2
This is the 88 key version of Majestouch (the Majestouch without the number pad). With this compact keyboard, you can save space while having the same layout, and the same tactile feel as the existing Majestouch series.
You can customize your saved space by placing the 'Ten Key Keypad' (sold separately, see below) on your left side or right side, when you feel the need.

£120.00 (£100.00 ex VAT) 

UK Filco Majestouch-2, Tenkeyless, MX Brown Tactile, Keyboard - FKBN88M/UKB2

True N-key rollover
The functionality by which all the typed keys are recognized on the PC, even when many keys are typed simultaneously. All the keys typed simultaneously are recognized on the PS/2 port (limited to 6 keys typed simultaneously for the USB due to the specifications of USB). Completely dedicated electronic circuitry, a diode is soldered on the PCB for every key switch to prevent 'counter currency'.

Solid and stylish
The rigid case construction gives a sure and comfortable typing experience with a specially designed font, for better visibility and a stylish and long lasting appearance.

An excellent feel with the 'brown' MX tactile feel key switch
The Cherry MX 'brown' key switch, gives a tactile feel without the audible click of the 'blue' switch, it has a long key stroke of 4mm with the actuation point (key press) at 2mm. Easy, fast and stress-free typing, the famous features of Cherry MX tactile feel.

UK Filco Majestouch-2, Tenkeyless, MX Brown Tactile, Keyboard - FKBN88M/UKB2

Part Number
Combi USB & PS/2
Cable length
1.5 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
Cherry MX Brown
356 mm
135 mm
33 mm
980 g
Gross Weight
1.35 kg

UK Filco Majestouch-2, Tenkeyless, MX Brown Tactile, Keyboard - FKBN88M/UKB2

  Iuliu  05/11/2019
I fell in love with it. I bought one a few years ago which I am using at work and I just ordered a second one to use at home. Very good quality keyboard.
  cd  22/04/2019
Great keyboard. If you need a top quality mechanical keyboard that is likely to work with a PS2 adapter, this is very likely to work. MANY USB keyboards do not work with PS2 adapters. This one surely does.
  MogTheSmilingCat  01/12/2018
Prompt delivery and well packaged. Lovely solid keyboard with silky key action. Swapping from Microsoft Arc wireless keyboard which had lag problems; action is completely different but am quickly adjusting. Keyboard feels like it'll last decades!
  Mark  18/09/2018
I am a computer programmer and I have had this keyboard for almost 8 years. It is still going strong. All the keys still work exactly as they should. It is incredibly comfortable to use and brings the mouse within easy reach. I too found the blue switches too noisy. I would highly recommend investing in one of these.
  Scooter  03/03/2018
Was delivered quickly and in good packaging. I went for brown. Both my wife and I push keys all the way down. Typing like this, I'd say that the keyboard is pretty noisy, compared to the old mechanical HP one that we had. It's really good to use though. I'm trying to type more gently, though am still finding that I bash the space bar noisily.
  Peter Hamlen  12/09/2017
I've had this keyboard for a week and it's fantastic. As others have said, it's very sturdy and delightful to type on.

I got it with the Cherry Brown switches which are great in a crowded office; not as noisy as the Blues but just as pleasant to type on because of the tactile bump (in my opinion.)

The only downside to this keyboard is that I now am so spoiled by it that I need to buy another one for home... be careful, these things are addictive!
  Stephen R  19/10/2019
Excellent customer service. Arrived exactly on time. Used this for work in the office and have been typing for 10-12 hours a day for a week. By far the best keyboard i have ever had. 10/10. the biggest problem is going back to other keyboards. They just feel so bad. Need to order another one for home !
  WF  07/02/2019
Excellent, very fast delivery, fabulous keyboard, every bit the quality product I had hoped for.
  Palomino  28/09/2018
Delivered very promptly and nicely packaged. Not having a keyboard with mechanical keys for a long time I am just getting use to adjusting my typing style.
Excellent, quality keyboard.
  Anonymous  09/03/2018
Wonderful keyboard, really solid choice if you're looking for a sturdy board with tactile keys & feel. Low force for key press and an added bonus of sounding amazing.

Great customer service (replied quickly) and swift delivery (keyboard was sent out v. quickly)

Overall a good office keyboard which wouldn't be amiss at home as well. Not too loud but there is some light tactile bump

(review board is using Cherry MX Brown switches)
  qrupt  27/02/2018
I have owned this keyboard for 6 years now, and it still works perfectly. best investment ever. This thing does not break, ive hard several spillages, used daily for 6years and it is as new. even the print on the caps has not worn at all. amazing buy.
  Anonymous  16/05/2017
Lovely, sturdy keyboard. My first mechanical keyboard and I can immediately see what all the fuss is about. If the main thing that you do in your job is type, then get a decent keyboard ASAP.


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