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UK Filco Majestouch-2, MX Silent Red Soft Linear Keyboard


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The newest "Majestouch 2 S" keyboard from master keyboard makers - Filco. This Keyboard combines the high quality typing feel of Cherry MX switches, steel mounted in a rock solid body with full N-key Rollover function, all put together in a very slick package.

£125.00 (£104.17 ex VAT) 

UK Filco Majestouch-2, MX Silent Red Soft Linear Keyboard - FKBN105MPS/UKB2

N-Key Rollover allows multiple simultaneous key presses to be recognized by your computer. A big help for the superfast typist or serious gamer. These keyboards just make you want to type. The Silent Red switch has internal tappets that minimise the bottom-out and top-out noise, 30% quieter than traditional mechanical switches.
  • Silent Linear action (Silent Red switch also known as Pink switch)
  • Gold contacts
  • 4.0mm travel
  • 2.0mm actuation point
  • 45g ~ 1.6oz actuating force keyswitch
  • Switches tested to 50 million actuations
  • Blue LED's

UK Filco Majestouch-2, MX Silent Red Soft Linear Keyboard - FKBN105MPS/UKB2

Part Number
Combi USB & PS/2
Cable length
1.5 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
CHERRY MX Silent Red
440 mm
138 mm
36 mm
1.24 kg
Gross Weight
1.65 kg

UK Filco Majestouch-2, MX Silent Red Soft Linear Keyboard - FKBN105MPS/UKB2

  Tom  31/05/2023
Fantastic keyboard, nice price point, lovely to type on, solid build and will last you years. Good choice for the office too if you go for the silent reds (Chris in HR can't complain about incessant clacking). Helen and the team at the keyboard Co provide outstanding customer service.
  John Redman  27/12/2022
The best keyboard I've ever owned!
Went with the Cherry MX Silent Red switches, & have been using it every day for the last 5 years. Ideal for long gaming sessions as well as typing for work.
Still in great condition & working just as well as the day I got it.

If it ever shows signs of breaking, I'll be ording another one exactly the same!
  Roger  23/03/2022
Great keyboard! Much quieter than my previous board and Filco are always flawless quality.
Thank you Keyboard Company!
  Anonymous  06/10/2021
Keyboard is really good quality and very quiet. Purchased it in the hope that it would solve the problem of a heavy keyboard user who was very loud... so far it has made a big difference.
Keyboardco were very helpful in recommending different product.
  James   25/11/2020
Keyboard arrived very quickly (next day). I have two other keyboards, a Filco Majestouch with MX Brown switches, and a Topre Realforce - both are annoyingly loud when I'm note taking on video calls - which are now a much bigger part of my job! The silent red switches really do make a big difference, especially if you type gently (i.e. don't bottom out every key stroke) it doesn't annoy callers so much.
  Uli  04/02/2020
Keyboard arrived promptly in adequate packaging. I had a keyboard with MX Red Silent switches before, but that died very quickly (some problem with the USB interface, not the switches). This Filco Majestouch-2 was a replacement. So I knew what to expect from the switches, no surprise there.

Beyond that, it's a basic keyboard made really really well. If you're looking for macros, lighting, or other frills, look elsewhere.

On the margin, I'd also say that the way the casing and the overall design play together makes this keyboard not particularly quiet in use. Which slightly defeats the purpose of these particular switches, I suppose. So you should buy it more for the feel of the switches than for being a really quiet keyboard.
  Anonymous  07/02/2023
Overall a pretty solid keyboard. I went for the silent variety of MX Reds and it makes about as much noise as a membrane would. It's wound up perfect for daily use.
As for the delivery: I put the order in an order on Sunday night and it arrived Tuesday morning, which was way earlier than I was expecting!
  S Noor  26/07/2022
It's a basic brilliant keyboard, solid and well built. We've been running one with MX Brown switches for 2 years now so I knew what to expect. Feels the keyboard is ever so slightly less wide than my previous keyboard. The Red Silent switches is much quieter than my previous keys, but only almost silent when I go easy on the keys. I just wish the blue LEDs were slightly less bright (for num lock, etc).
  melodiouscode  20/10/2021
This order was my second of this keyboard, I got fed up of taking it back and forth to the office after the lockdowns (when still working from home). So I invested in a second one to keep at home!! Fantastic keyboard, no frills or silly lights and colours like some mechanical keyboards. Just what I wanted.
  Wolfinalia  22/03/2020
I was hunting for a mechanical keyboard to use at work that was quiet, didn't have LEDs and didn't look gamerish, this keyboard fit the bill perfectly.
Upon received the keyboard can say I was over the moon, fantastic build quality and extremely quiet (quieter than those in my office using membrane keyboards). Highly recommend this keyboard
  Nick G  23/01/2020
Keyboard arrived well packed and in perfect condition. Ordered on the 7th, arrived on the 9th. Customer service was brilliant - I accidentally ordered the USA layout, but a quick call fixed my issue without delaying dispatch.

The keyboard itself seems sturdy and stays put on my desk. Its my first mechanical keyboard, so no other frame of reference, but it feels a lot nicer to type on than my old chiclet keyboard.

Thanks to the team at The Keyboard Company.
  dpawson  17/08/2019
My second Filco. First one now has a shiny spacebar? Other than that works perfectly. New one 'feels' & 'sounds' stiff. Sure it will wear in, as did my first.
A (modest) touch typist, the quality stands out. Worked perfectly since Jun 2014, benefitted from a good clean (herrumph) twice in its life. Old one now relegated to an older machine.
Easy purchase, *very* well packaged (grin) and I'm ready for another 5 years with this one.
Tks keyboard company - keep up the excellent work (and product list)


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