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UK Filco Convertible 2 MX Blue Click Keyboard


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The Convertible 2 keyboard from master keyboard makers - Filco. This keyboard is 'convertible' from a USB wired keyboard to a Bluetooth wireless keyboard, and you don't even need to unplug it from your PC. It combines the high quality typing feel of Cherry MX switches, steel mounted in a rock solid body all put together in a very slick package. These keyboards just make you want to type, now on all of your devices.

£145.00 £116.00 (£96.66 ex VAT) 

UK Filco Convertible 2 MX Blue Click Keyboard - FKBC105MC/UKB2

  • Switch between 5 different devices, 4 Bluetooth and 1 USB
  • Tactile feel, audible click action (blue switch)
  • Rear mounted DIP switch located at the base of the keyboard
    1. Lock Windows and Application keys
    2. Swap CapsLock and left Ctrl keys
    3. Swap Esc and [`] keys
    4. Swaps Fn with Windows/App key
  • Gold contacts
  • 4.0mm travel
  • 2.0mm actuation point
  • 60g ~ 2.1oz actuating force keyswitch
  • Switches tested to 50 million actuations
Average battery life is about 6 months based on 5 hours use a day, the keyboard can be used without batteries, powered by a USB charger or PC.

Includes: Keyboard, detachable cable, velcro cable tie, extra keys, keypuller, 2 x AA batteries, dust cover and manual.

UK Filco Convertible 2 MX Blue Click Keyboard - FKBC105MC/UKB2

Part Number
USB & Bluetooth
Cable length
1.8 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
440 mm
138 mm
39 mm
1.2 kg
PC USB and Bluetooth devices
Gross Weight
1.7 kg

UK Filco Convertible 2 MX Blue Click Keyboard - FKBC105MC/UKB2

  Tilmann  14/07/2023
Amazing device, I use it for coding. I chose this one one as it works without a cable and keeps the desk tidy and I am very pleased with this keyboard. Solid construction, great feedback and envy of the rest of the office. Perfect.
  TOXI  22/04/2021
I have had a UK Filco Majestouch-2, MX Blue Click Keyboard FKBN105MCUKB2 for over 10 years and it is excellent. But the cable had become damaged so I repaired it, whilst waiting for the UK Filco Convertible 2 MX Blue Click Keyboard FKBC105MCUKB2 to be back in stock. My new keyboard is also excellent due to being largely the same as my old one, but weighs a bit more and comes with the added capabilities of a removable USB wire and a Bluetooth wireless connection.
  Petar Ćaćić  19/05/2020
First good things: great build quality, minimalist design and insane battery life - third week of intensive use, still haven't recharged it. And haven't felt any problems with bluetooth connection. This all makes it great board.

Not so good: No cable routing and would love to have USB passthrough and headphone jack - but primary use mode is wireless, so no big complaint there. Filco should also let LEDs be active when on battery. Switching them off prolonged battery life, but sometimes I miss Caps Lock indicator.

Horrible: keycaps. Never saw keycaps this bad on brand mechanical keyboard. It almost took two stars out of rating. They feel bad and they cheapen the feel of not so cheap keyboard - tiniest ABS plastic, wobbly and bit slippery. Even Das Keyboard keycaps feel better. Cheap Chinese PBT sets are also much better, and Leopold thick doubleshot PBT keycaps (borrowed from my other keyboard) are in another league - they make this board so much more responsive, sharp, and typing really feels premium, like it should.

Conclusion: Good keyboards in ISO layout are rare, and it limited my choice. Wireless functionality limited it even further - more or less Filco only. This is still good keyboard, and I'm happy with purchase - especially with delivery time in these troubled times. As for value - in recent years there is a lot of competition in mechanical keyboard world. Varmillo and Leopold are great alternatives, with similar build quality, vastly better keycaps and more modern design.
  simon wei   13/10/2022
Brilliant keyboard , nice touch and response ...Filco is a japanese brand and build quality , really love it . i hope they can offer more colours of design more than only black at the moment .
  Andy Pagin  13/03/2020
Easily the best keyboard I've ever owned in thirty five years of programming. Very solid with rubberised feet that stick to a desk like a limpet. Keys are needless to say a joy to use. One really nice little feature is that the caps lock LED is red and the num lock is blue which is really helpful when working in a case sensitive language like c++. If Rolls-Royce made kayboards...
  Derek M  06/08/2019
Exceptional keyboard. Wonderful switches and build quality. Seamlessly switches between 4 Bluetooth devices and wired USB, hugely convenient. Amazing! 👌👌👌
  Graham  16/10/2018
Great keyboard! Solid build, sits firmly in place on my desk and doesn't skid around like 'normal' Keyboards. Cherry blue switches are clicky but not as 'clacky' on this as some other mechanical keyboards. The feedback from the keys is great as you would expect from Cherry MXs. Definitely a typist's choice!
  Tom  10/01/2018
Absolutely love this keyboard. It's really well made and looks really slick.
Pairing and switching between computers is really quick and easy as well.
I haven't had a change to fully road test the battery life yet, but so far so good.

I do work on a Mac so there is some mapping that needs to be done to the keys if you don't want to get used to a new layout, but that is to be expected.
  Chris Thomas  17/10/2017
Great keyboard! Solidly constructed, and very very nice to type on. I can almost feel my typing speed and accuracy getting better! Yes, they're a bit noisier than a standard cheap USB keyboard, but really not by much. Pairing is straightforward, though I could actually do with more than 4 pair slots! The only problem I've had is that the @ and " symbols (and a few others) are swapped when paired to an iPhone and iPad, and there doesn't seem to be a way to change either the keyboard or iDevice's configuration. However, I'm still very impressed, and I'm considering getting a second one for work!

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