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UK CHERRY MX-Board 1.0 Backlit Brown Tactile Keyboard


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The CHERRY MX BOARD 1.0 BACKLIGHT fast, precise, proven CHERRY quality. Durable CHERRY MX Brown switches with consistent tactile operating feel and the support of the palm rest provide comfort and ergonomics when working. High-speed key recognition accurately captures every keystroke, even with fast typing. Sturdy mounting feet enable a perfect adjustment in 3 steps with a non-slip grip.

£94.80 (£79.00 ex VAT) 

UK CHERRY MX-Board 1.0 Backlit Brown Tactile Keyboard - G80-3816LXBGB-2

The adjustable, white key illumination means the keys can be read clearly even in challenging visibility conditions. All inputs are reliably and precisely executed, and input errors are prevented thanks to anti-ghosting and full n-key rollover. Frequent number inputs can be performed easily via the numeric keypad; the switchable Win key lockout enables the keyboard to be used for pleasure on the computer after work as well. The CHERRY MX BOARD 1.0 BACKLIGHT - the high-performance keyboard for people who type quickly or write a lot.

  • Anti-ghosting - no inputting errors
  • Corded keyboard with CHERRY MX switches and palm rest
  • CHERRY MX technology - Gold Crosspoint precision switches for all keys "Made in Germany"
  • Uncompromisingly fast thanks to CHERRY MX and high-speed key recognition
  • Abrasion-resistant, laser-etched keycaps
  • Full N-Key rollover - all keys are read simultaneously
  • WIN key lockout
  • Dimmable, white backlighting with several lighting modes
  • Additional feet for non-slip grip and custom height adjustment in 3 steps
  • Illuminated USB plug and elegant logo application

UK CHERRY MX-Board 1.0 Backlit Brown Tactile Keyboard - G80-3816LXBGB-2

Part Number
Cable length
1.8 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
105 + 4
Switch Type
Cherry MX Brown
470 mm
165 mm
25 mm
1.2 kg
PC and MAC (Mac's may experience limited functionality)
Gross Weight
1.6 kg

UK CHERRY MX-Board 1.0 Backlit Brown Tactile Keyboard - G80-3816LXBGB-2

  Tom  12/05/2020
I got this Cherry MX Board 1.0 to replace a dying CoolerMaster CMStorm Trigger (they have a bad USB disconnection issue), and it fits the bill perfectly. The keys' action is very nice and smooth, and the backlight very bright (and very adjustable with on-keyboard keys contrary to the other reviewer's experience). The optional grip pads on the back go over the top of the fold out legs if you choose to have the keyboard lay flat and grip a glass desk very well. The lettering on the keys is done in a nice futuristic style and the overall look of the keyboard isn't too gaudy, especially with the backlight turned down.
It would be nice if the USB lead was detachable on the keyboard end, but after my last keyboard's issues I'd rather just not have that extra point of possible failure.
For the price I don't think you could get a better backlit, mechanical keyboard in a UK ISO layout.
  Charlie  25/04/2020
Replaced my old PC with something rather nicer. It was just the box so used my existing screen but thought I'd treat myself to a decent keyboard. I like tactile keys and had always liked Cherry keys. I checked the options and decided that brown keys gave the best compromise; some sound but not loud and not too much pressure required. I like the LEDs in the keys as that makes it much easier in low light conditions.

I am delighted with this keyboard and the Keyboard Company gave excellent tracking information even during the Covid-19 lock-down. Highly recommended!
  V Fisher  27/06/2019
As I work as a translator I wanted something that was really easy to type on, and the Cherry MX Board 1.0 with brown switches certainly fits the bill. It's my first mechanical keyboard and I'm really pleased with it. The keys feel pleasant to touch and are nice and light, with very little travel. The white backlight looks great and can be dimmed if necessary, and there's even a light inside the USB connection which is a classy touch. I was afraid it would be noisy but it's not too bad - louder than my laptop but much more comfortable to use. Overall the keyboard feels solid and well-made. It's certainly fast enough, so I'm glad I didn't choose the red switch version. My only slight criticism is that the cord is on the short side - only just long enough for my desk in fact. Apart from that, the keyboard is brilliant!
  James  05/05/2020
Very happy with this keyboard, I needed to move on from red switches as I am doing more typing now, and this really works for me. It's not that loud, and the only criticism I have is that the cord is a little short and I would perhaps prefer a detachable USB. Very good for the price.
  Keith  28/04/2020
Overall this is a great keyboard if you know that Cherry Brown switches are what you want.
Things I liked: lovely key action, media keys, backlight, full key set.
Things I liked a bit less: not possible to control illumination from keyboard (I think) so if OS doesn't support it then the keys can be a bit bright, the choice of having the shifted symbols below the unshifted ones on the keycaps is odd and throws me a bit (it's at variance with literally every other keyboard I've used).

One thing I didn't realise is quite how loud cherry brown switches are and so I might need to return this for a red quiet or some such in the same form factor. But that's on me, if you know what they sound like then you know what you're getting.
  Anonymous  13/08/2019
I recently replaced my faithful Filco computer keyboard with a backlit Cherry MX 1.0 keyboard and I am absolutely over the moon with it. I find that when I am doing Photoshop in the evenings that the backlit really improves my use of the keyboard and also when I type it is a lot more accurate because of the backlight-a really nice keyboard and a real pleasure to use. It is such a versatile keyboard with lots of very usefull keys. I bought this from The Keyboard Company and I have found them to be excellent on advice and service.

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