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Black Left-Handed Mechanical Keyboard


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The exceptional Left handed keyboard fulfils a long standing requirement, providing the most convenient layout for people who are naturally left handed.
It's also ideal for right handers who need more room for their mouse on the right hand side or simply wish to input numbers while using the mouse, spreadsheet work becomes so much faster.

£99.98 (£83.32 ex VAT) 

Black Left-Handed Mechanical Keyboard - SB-3500

The high quality mechanical key switches provide the smooth feel and tactile characteristics which are such a pleasure to type on. The design also maintains the ergonomic key positioning required in modern offices and makes the SB-3500 a pleasure to use.
With bullet proof build quality this keyboard will give many years of superior typing, a must for those entering figures all day.
For the super fast typist there is NKRO and 1ms response time, allowing for seamless input even at lightning speeds.
And programmability allows you to disable the windows keys should you desire.

  • Full UK Left handed layout with added embedded functions
  • USB 'plug and play' no additional drivers required
  • Premium braided cable
  • Black case, black keys, black metal base plate, white legends
  • 4 Sturdy rubber pads and 2 fold out legs with rubber feet
  • Kailh Tactile (Brown) mechanical switches
  • Full speed connection 1ms response
  • Status LED's (Caps, Num, Scroll and Windows key Lock)
Embedded functions
  • FN + F1 - Home Page
  • FN + F2 - My Computer
  • FN + F3 - Mail
  • FN + F4 - Media Player
  • FN + F5 - Back Track
  • FN + F6 - Forward Track
  • FN + F7 - Play/Pause
  • FN + F8 - Stop
  • FN + F9 - Volume Down
  • FN + F10 - Volume Up
  • FN + F11 - Mute
  • FN + F12 - Calculator
  • FN + Win - Windows Key Lock
  • FN + W - WASD and arrows keys swap position
  • FN + PrtSc - 6 key rollover to NKRO

Black Left-Handed Mechanical Keyboard - SB-3500

Part Number
Cable length
1.5 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
Kailh Brown
447 mm
141 mm
38 mm
1.26 kg
PC and Mac (Mac's may experience limited functionality)
Gross Weight
1.5 kg

Black Left-Handed Mechanical Keyboard - SB-3500

  Michael S  22/06/2019
I bought this as a right hander to bring my mouse hand into a more natural position. This is a perfect full size right handed board, my shoulder is a lot more relaxed. Numpad and navigation keys on the left also allow me to keep my hand on the mouse when working on spreadsheets.

This is my 1st mechanical board so I only have membrane to compare it to. The cherry brown clones clack deliciously but bottom out easily. I cant tell if the switches are pcb or plate mounted, there is a tiny bit of wobble of the actual switch as well as the stem. I put some silicone rings under the stems but the caps are tall enough that it requires 2 to reach the switch. Caps look like oem profile, abs with the legends printed on top. I'll be replacing them as soon as I can find a decent ISO set.

tl:dr - Brilliant. Should have bought one sooner. Loses one star as it could have had original cherry switches and better keycaps.
  Michelle  17/05/2019
This keyboard feels marvellous to type on, Im really impressed. I am left handed and love having the navigation keys to the left - but even my right handed partner thinks the keyboard is a joy to type on.
Prompt delivery and the item was well packaged too - Im one satisfied customer!
  Kev  05/03/2019
I've got two of these now for office and home. They are high quality and relatively quiet for a mechanical keyboard. I'm right handed but find this layout much more comfortable with the mouse being so close to the main keys.

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